Our Gym

Square Feet Indoor Workout Space
Square Feet Outdoor Space

At BENICIA CROSSFIT, we don’t do one-size-fits-all fitness. Why would we? Everyone comes to us with different needs, goals, and objectives. And, we’re 100% dedicated to helping you achieve the results you want.

Benicia CrossFit Is More than Just CrossFit

As the years have gone by, we’ve come to realize that while CrossFit is a core part of what we do, it’s only a part of what we do.  Our clients enjoy much more than is offered at your typical CrossFit affiliate:

  • Private Fundamentals to ensure proper form, safe movement, and reduce the risk of injury.
  • A Coach for Life system, which will give you access to a personal and private coach for the life of your membership.
  • Personal fitness, nutritional, and life goal setting and keeping.

BENICIA CROSSFIT selection of programs includes CrossFit; Burn out - our high-intensity circuit-style workout; and Barbell Class - our strength and conditioning program. Regardless of the class or classes you take, you’ll be excited, engaged and always having fun.

Benicia CrossFit has 6,000 square feet of space for you to stretch out and sweat, all the top-tier CrossFit tools you know and love (and sometimes love to hate), so you can just run and relax.

Want some sunshine with your workout? Check out our courtyard, complete with an outdoor rig and turf.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit believes in doing full body and full joint movements performed at one’s relative maximum intensity. People often confuse this with “Doing crazy stuff as insanely fast as you can”. This is not the case at Benicia CrossFit.  All of our clients are put thru a Fundamentals process with their Coach for Life. Once showing proficiency in movement and an understanding of the process, they will start doing our CrossFit group Classes.

"CrossFit is a blend of gymnastics, weightlifting, and mono-structural endurance, it does not specialize. It will never plateau. It is fun, creative, and, most importantly, it works. It will teach you how to do common things uncommonly well, while developing a base of strength and stamina on which you can build an active lifestyle…  a community that you want to be a part of."

–CrossFit Journal