We offer a Free Assessment, so that we can begin to know who you are, your lifestyle, why you want to get fit. We treat everyone as an individual at Benicia CrossFit.

During the Free Assessment, we will discuss your current lifestyle choices, your schedule, eating habits, sleep patterns, energy levels, family life, and career life. As well as your past experiences with health, fitness, sports, and injuries. The more we can learn about you, the better we can assist in your fitness journey. We can custom tailor our program and coaching to meet your individual needs.

This Free Assessment is also your chance to get to know us, ask questions, check out the facility, meet our community, and see if we are a good fit for you.

Our goal is to make this a lifestyle, so that we can enhance your quality of life!

Contact us to set up a time to come in and meet with a coach to talk about getting started. We are open 7 days a week, and can accommodate most schedules.

After the Free Assessment, if we find that we are a great fit for each other, you will start with personal one-on-one coaching in the “Fundamentals Package”  Instead of creating ‘standard’ monthly programs for groups, we customize the programs to you! In the “Fundamentals Package” you will get private sessions that are individually-programmed to build your foundation for fitness, and teach you proper form and technique. We will establish your baseline in order to modify workouts and movements so that they are both challenging and safe for you. Many times the “Fundamentals Package” will vary in cost over time as you build habits and achieve your goals.

As you move through your customized “Fundamentals Package”, we will be able to determine which options for monthly memberships are right for you. The monthly memberships will depend on how many times per week you plan on coming in, additional personal training, if you are training with family, your goals, etc. That said, our prices start at about what you’d pay eating out twice per week (not including drinks) or a single round of drinks at the bar (if you are into that sort of thing)!

Contact us today to see if we can create a program that is right for you!

Cancellations/Changes Policy/Holds

Holds: We do not hold or freeze memberships for vacations, trips, or other short-term absences. Health & fitness does not have to stop when you are out of the gym. We offer traveling workouts and guided coaching while out of the gym to help you maintain your health and fitness until your return. If you do need to stop payment because you will be away for more than a couple months, see below. We do not backtrack or refund memberships after the payment has been processed. We do make the occasional exception for extreme situations.

Cancellations/Changes:  We understand that life changes and so should gym memberships! You can cancel or change an existing membership anytime without penalty with ten (10) or more days advance written notice prior to the next billing cycle.  Any request made with less than ten (10) days will take effect after the following billing cycle. We do not backtrack or refund memberships after the payment has been processed.