Out of Town CrossFitter

In Town For A Visit?

diablo crossfit claudia having fun during 13 point 2Great! Thank you for checking us out! We love having CrossFit visitors from other boxes. We limit our class sizes to 16, so please reserve a place in class before you come. We do not have a front desk person. We do not do tours (but feel free to look around). Our Coaches are coaching. Our members are mobilizing or working out.  If you’d like to workout with us, then we need your help BEFORE you arrive!

Get started:

  1. Fill out our form
  2. Drop-in membership ($16 for visiting CrossFitters)
  3. Come 10 minutes early to take a look around.

Things You Should Know When You Arrive!

  • Our blog posts the WOD the night before.  Its a good idea to check it out before arriving.
  • Go straight to the computer in the front room and confirm your reservation (its easy!)
  • Ask any member for help.
  • When it is time for your class, go to the main gym, put your name on the whiteboard, and look up for the “On Your Own Warm-Up.”
  • Introduce yourself to your Coach and the class!
  • We start with a group warm-up and skill instruction.
  • Have a blast!  Benicia CrossFit is a damn fun gym with very cool people.