Eat Fresh Food


We believe in eating fresh, non-processed food.  At Benicia CrossFit, most Coaches and athletes follow a paleo or primal nutrition lifestyle, also suggested by CrossFit.  “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.”  Although this may seem radical at first, you can only perform so well before your performance will plateau and good nutrition needs to take over.

We believe that if you put “good” food into your body you will see good results in the gym.  Although it is called the Paleo, Primal or Ancestral Diet, we call it a lifestyle.  Diets tend to be fads that people faze in and out of.  A paleo lifestyle will take time, discipline, and support from family/friends.  However, once you make the change, you will notice more energy, increased capacity in the gym, and overall mood will be better.

More Online Information

Below are some helpful tools to get you started in the right direction as well as give you more detailed information.

12 Steps to Healthier Living

Paleo Overview

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Why we don’t eat grains

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Common Concerns


Mark Sisson’s Guide to Cholesterol
An In Depth Look at Cholesterol
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Friends & Family Influence

How to Win Friends & Influence Paleo


Paleo Recipies Collection
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Sourcing Fresh Food


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