Masters Comp Prep

Never Too Old

CrossFit is relied upon by many amateur and professional athletes to keep them in shape for their sport – especially the sport of fitness.  After age 40, physical fitness is critical to not only being competitive in sports, but simply being able to participate.  At Benicia CrossFit, we help our Masters-level athletes maintain and win with fitness as a foundation for success.  We have a solid group of 40+ year-old athletes who compete in myriad sports, including 5ks, 10ks, marathons, triathlons, fitness competitions, Masters Track & Field, the CrossFit Games, rowing, car racing, and more.

All of Benicia CrossFits Workouts offer masters athlete scaling – from load adjustments to box-jump step downs – using a recommended completion time or volume as a basis for scaling. If you’re training for a specific sport, our coaches will help design a CrossFit schedule that accommodates your sport specific workouts and events.  We’ll also provide Masters athletes with recommended accessory exercises to help improve areas of weakness tailored to your sport.

Masters Edition

Our Competitive CrossFit programming. Head Coach Jeremy Jones publishes weekly workouts for strength, skills, efficiency and metabolic conditioning. It also includes partner and team workouts. The weekly schedule follows the macro-schedule for Games athletes, including Masters, which provides a month-by-month training focus to help athletes prepare for the Open.

The workouts provide appropriate scaling for Masters athletes who want to be competitive, including loads, substitutions and times.